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Here YouWill Find Some Of The Students  Dog Grooming Work

different types of dog breeds,shihtzu,Springer Spaniel,West Highland Terrier,Labrador,Giant Schnauzer Yorkshire Terrier,Poodle,Cocker Spaniel,Rough Collie, Rottweiler,Newfoundland's and many more breeds

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I have immensely enjoyed the dog grooming course, and there is not a single thing I

have disliked doing, or felt I could not do it myself (with practice). 

Although I probably found bathing and drying to be the easiest parts of the course, that does not mean there was not anything to learn about it, as both Lynne and Amanda are full of all the tricks of the trade that make your job easier and safe. Things like doing the back end of the dog first and head last, using the blaster dryer on the correct power level to get dead hair out of the dog, and a good technique to remove hair out of the dogs ear canal,

I found one of the hardest things to master were the clippers, as I have never used anything similar and you need to keep a nice even pressure, angle etc; which I found quite hard to start. It made me nervous because I was worried about clipping too much-hair off the dog, which is irreversible. I know that for me personally it will take me a few more months of practising before I feel more confident using them, and quicker at doing it.  

I knew I had to be watched whilst clipping a dog, so they could point out the techniques and mistakes I was making, but after 5 or 6 lessons there were times when both Lynne & Amanda left me to it, and although they were close by I felt a little more at ease knowing that they were not watching my every move (or mistake lol)

I definitely like the handouts that Lynne gives you, as i know that certain breeds I have clipped I will probably find it hard remembering what the required clipper blade for the different types of dog are. And also the little test at the end, as it pointed out things I had not taken in property, and areas where I was confident.

More than anything in this course I have enjoyed working with the different types of dog breeds, and the conversation in the salon, as its dogs, dogs, and more dogs.

I wanted to come on this course because I had ambitions of being self employed and in an area that I love, so joining the grooming course was an easy decision for me. Now I have finished the course I am in the process of getting my out house converted in to a small dog grooming salon, although this will only be something for the next year or two because I hope to move in to a bigger property, it will give me a dedicated area to keep practicing and build up my clients ready for when I leave my full time employment to do dog grooming full time.

S Hathaway


I want to be a dog groomer as I love dogs and working with them all the time is something I've wanted to do since I was a young girl .I never thought that one day I could and that is why I looked into dog grooming training courses There was a college course nearby which was more written based but I preferred to go to a salon as it's more hands on training and you would gain more practical experience and meet more dogs, showing you that not all dogs are friendly and some are not model dogs so you get to see all different sides to it. I found All Posh Dogs on the website and was so glad I did. There were so many different types of dogs and meeting and working with them was definitely the most enjoyable. I would be looking forward to the day wondering which dogs would be coming in. Quite a few different breeds came in during the course of my training and I got to groom out, bath and dry a Springer Spaniel, West Highland Terrier Labrador, Giant Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier Poodle, Cocker Spaniel, Rough Collie, Shih Tzu and a Rottweiler cross. Later on the course I got to trim a Newfoundland's feet, trim feet and feathers on a Retriever and Red Setter and clip off a West Highland Terrier, Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie, Springer Spaniel, Bichon Frise cross, and a Lhasa Apso. As well as the training there is a lot of help and advice on how to set up and tips on where to get your equipment, books shampoos etc and there is theory handouts on health and safety of the dog, care of equipment etc which are very useful. I picked up trimming the dogs feet pretty quickly

so I'd say I found this the easiest and enjoyed making them look neat. The most difficult about the course was the clipping and getting some dog s to stand still while doing it. Over halfway through I kind of lost my confidence and thought I can't do this, but with support and encouragement from Lynne and Amanda they helped me gain it back. There wasn't anything I disliked about the actual course but at first ,I didn't like motorway driving but because I wanted to learn in a salon I pushed myself to do it, as the college course didn't involve the motorway, but even that didn't sway me! Now it just comes natural which proves if you want to do something you will and that's what I thought about dog grooming. My future plans are to convert my garage into a dog grooming salon. The dog bath and shower have arrived and I'm waiting on a quote to remove the garage door and replace with a door and glass panel for extra light and then fit out the garage with worktops etc. I will try and build up clients I have some waiting at the moment when the garage is ready while I still work and hopefully will be able to cut my hours and if all goes well leave my current job to do what I've always wanted to do and be a dog groomer!

Thank you Karen woodland


I attended a course after much researching with Lynne as I had decided to make a total career change and attempt to become a Mobile Dog Groomer.

I spent two weeks learning how to handle/wash/brush and clip dogs. This was made easier by the attitude Lynne has as she is very easy going and keen to let you loose and learn the ropes.

I enjoyed my time there and found things easy to pick up due to the way I was shown.

Good humour is a bonus here and again the time spent with Lynne was made enjoyable as we had a good laugh as well as learning techniques essential to progress as a groomer.

At stages of the course simple test's were given to see that you were retaining the correct information.

Lynne knew I was comfortable with "big dogs" so I was supplied a lot of small dogs to get me out of my comfort zone and make me confident to deal with the breeds I had previously felt unsure about dealing with.

When I completed my two weeks I returned to my "normal job" and started to do more and more dogs of friends before taking the big step. I did two jobs running at the same time until I gained the confidence to take the step and go it alone.

I now have my van and have built up my clients to the extent I am fully booked up two months in advance .

I would like to thank Lynne and Amanda for the help and assistance I received and for helping me set up on my own and once again enjoy going to work.

A Massive thanks Lynne


many more reviews on line at google