No Time For The Full Works





You Can Just Have The Following

A bath and blow dry

Nail and ear care

Gland care



We offer professional nail and ear care which can be important

for your dog as these areas can cause great discomfort if left unattended

Gland care is a specialised service and only available only at

the owners request .If you feel your dog may need this service please

let us know when you make an appointment

All dogs are bathed groomed and styled to the highest standard

by our highly experienced staff

Our salon is a friendly and calm environment

where the dog and owner are made to feel welcome by the staff.

There will be a consultation given before work is begun where the groomer

will discuss the owners requirements and decide which style is best for the dog.

We take into consideration the dogs life style,skin conditions,health issues

and the condition of the dogs coat as these can determine

the way in which a dog is to be styled 


Appointment cancellation policy

We are sure you will appreciate that every

appointment made is allocated a time slot tailored to your dogs specific needs.

This is why we ask that you and your dog arrive promptly

for appointments and collections.We also ask that you give us at least

24 hours notice prior to appointment cancellations.A charge of £5 will be incurred

if cancellation notice is not given.


owners who bring two or more of their own dogs

can take advantage of a discount rate.